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iWith.org foundation promoted an international sociology study collecting people’s opinions on their personal attitudes towards solidarity.

We wanted to find out what people think about the following:

To what extent do you feel motivated, willing and socially responsible for doing your part to build a better world?

What do you need to see in a civic or public initiative in order to lend it your support?

Does the internet help you to take part in more initiatives? How do we use the internet to engage with public involvement?

To what extent are you motivated to make micro-donations to support civic causes?

What are the most pressing matters we should address in particular, including those concerning the planet, your country and your community?

The study began its qualitative phase in April 2011 and after reached the point to call on people to take part in an international online survey  estimated to take about 8-10 minutes to complete.

The study counted on more than 1,500 internet users in Spain and more than 1,400 all over the world like USA, Canada, Asia, Africa, Latam and the rest of Europe.

To check out the complete results access Results